Catering FAQ

Are there lead time requirements when placing a catering order?

Some locations may request 24 hours’ notice for orders being picked up and 48 hours’ notice for orders being delivered or where our staff will be serving. Please feel free to call if you are in a pinch and we will try to accommodate a shorter notice timeframe.

Is delivery available from all TACO DEL MAR® locations?

Some locations offer delivery and well as full service setup, serving and clean up. The Store Manager at your local TACO DEL MAR® restaurant will review the options with you for their TACO DEL MAR® location.

How do I determine how much food to order?

Our Catering Bars serve a minimum of 20 guests and can be increased to as many guests you are serving at your event. We can adjust to smaller than 20 guests as well. Pricing is based on per person. Our other catering options serve 7-20 guests depending on the item ordered. The Store Manager at your local TACO DEL MAR® restaurant will work through details with you to be certain everyone will have good portions of the items ordered.

What are the options to place a catering order?

Call or visit your local TACO DEL MAR® restaurant and speak with the Store Manager. They will work with you to place the order. Some locations have downloadable PDF catering menus linked to their location. Pricing may vary between locations.


Is there any maximum size event that can be catered?

Many TACO DEL MAR® locations can handle very large events, but may need more than 24-48 hours to plan with you so everything goes smoothly. Please work with the Store Manager to plan large catering events.

Can I order Box Lunches for fewer than 20 guests?

Yes all locations will make box lunches for fewer than 20 guests. Please ask the Store Manager at your local TACO DEL MAR® restaurant to learn more.

Do you offer drinks and desserts with catering?

We offer bottled beverages as a separate purchase item. We have a variety of bottled beverages and the Store Manager can assist you with your purchase. Desserts are included with Catering Bars and can also be purchased separately.

What other items are included with catering orders?

Plates or bowls, napkins, tablecloth, forks, chafing dishes, chafing fuel, serving utensils, serving bowls for sauces and small signs come with all orders. Cups are included when beverages are purchased. Heating and storage instructions are included as well as a plan-o-gram to lay out items on the table.

Can I order other items not listed on the TACO DEL MAR® catering brochure?

Some options may be available at some locations. Please ask the Store Manager if alternative items are available.

How can I pay for my catering order?

Please request options from the Store Manager at your local TACO DEL MAR® location.