Live Baja

Baja style Coastal Mexican Cuisine is all about light, flavorful tastes and natural heat from peppers like jalapeños and habaneros. At TACO DEL MAR®, our menu features fresh ingredients, delicious guacamole, and slow-cooked meats like our braised chicken and pulled pork carnitas. And don’t forget to top off our legendary burritos and iconic Baja fish tacos with our signature white sauce, mango salsa, or house made pico de gallo!

Baja is an Attitude.

The Baja attitude is about keeping it simple, fresh, and carefree. Baja is an open and welcoming place where you can go to be yourself. Living Baja is easy:

  1. Be Positive!
  2. Be Friendly!
  3. Have Fun!

Baja is a Place.

TACO DEL MAR® (Taco of the Sea) is inspired by the Coastal Mexican Cuisine of Baja California in Mexico.

It’s a place where the beaches and surf attract people just looking to kick back, relax, and enjoy a little joy and sunshine. It’s a place to go to enjoy the flavors of Baja, have a little fun, and live Baja!