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Inside each of us is a dream, an aspiration, an inner baja. It's that thing that makes us feel alive! Whatever yours is, escape the everyday and feed your inner baja!

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Handheld screens, gig economies, too many places to be and too many things to do. Life today is full of distractions. Sometimes we get so lost in the hustle and bustle that we forget to live. Casting off the shackles of the day-to-day, Taco Del Mar is a throw-back to a simpler time and embraces the baja spirit, reminding us that baja isn’t out there. But inside each of us.


In Baja, we can experience a sense of independence and liberation while being a part of something bigger. In Baja, we can feel alive.



Born on the beach, it began so simply. Where life loses its complexities and everything, for that one moment, hour or day, seems so perfectly clear. When we’re there we feel connected. Connected to ourselves, our friends and family, and life around us.


Nothing fancy. Fresh, fast and filling flavor, Taco Del Mar provides a favorite beach-front joint just down the street. Where every-day is great, everyone is an amigo, and every bite is a delicious, high quality, hit the spot, make you stop, and soak it in escape.

It started

with tacos!

Known for our Rippin Fish Tacos, massive Mission-style burritos, and Baja flavors found throughout the menu, we serve our take on Baja, coastal Mexican eats.

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When we were cruising past the funky shoreline shacks dotting the beaches of Baja looking for the next wave, we needed to fill up on something fast, flavorful, and nutritious. So, our menu reflects choice ingredients to get you on your next wave. Binge-day? Something light? Vegetarian? Whatever your dietary interest, we got you covered!

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