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5 Pounder

Burrito Challenge



The 5 Pounder!

Sitting around at home just got interesting! Challenge yourself or your friends to a 5 Pound Burrito challenge! Now, for a limited time, participating restaurants will provide you with a 5 Pounder Burrito, to take home and try to defeat in 30 min or less! Submit your photos and or videos to earn a spot on the 5Pounder Wall of Fame! Call today to order for pickup.

I'm In! Order.

Wall of


A behemoth, 5 Pounder Burrito, made with 4 tortillas, ~2lb of rice, ~1lb beans, ~1lb of meat, ~3/4lb of salsa, and ~1/4 lb of cheese, finished in 30 minutes! These champions conquered the 5 Pounder and have earned a spot on the Taco Del Mar wall of fame!

Announcing the Taco Del Mar 5 Pounder Burrito Challenge Champions! These full-bellied folks demolished the behemoth 5 Pounder burrito in less than 30 minutes!

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